About Us

For centuries, cultures throughout the world have been enriched by adding naturally available, local food sources to their diets. MXM Essential Formulas has captured the simple, natural effectiveness of traditional nutrition and coupled it with the convenience of advanced technology. 

Government studies prove the connection between poor nutrition and aging and disease. They validate the importance of a diet containing garlic, cruciferous vegetables, vitamins, extracts, fruits, and plants. (Look over)

This is why Simple Choice Nutritional Supplements contain our unique MXM Essential Nutrient Complex, an ideal combination of nature's helpers: garlic, citrus, wheat germ, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, whole rice, and Brussels sprouts--The ingredients that guard your body, and your health against the ravages of daily life.

Simple Choice Nutritional Supplements are superior in every way: Only-finest-ingredients. State-of-the-art technology. Revolutionary nutritional delivery system and the person-to-person method of helping others...live a better way of life.